Mindfulness the next Superpower?

When discussing productivity/ distracting qualities of the Internet, I must admit, guilty as charged. And it is getting worse. I find it takes much longer to complete a task, such as writing a paper, if I am not constantly refocusing and being cognizant of distractions. Checking social media while I am supposed to be focused on writing a paper is what I equate to “recess”. It is not that I am even interested or focused on the content on my recess break but I find it is self permission to just take a mindless “time out”. On the flip side, I have to commend the Internet for the contribution to the quality of the end product (of a paper, for example) and learning that can take place while we become distracted and perhaps learn about the three toed sloth.

I find we are able to multitask at a higher level than ever before. It is adding stress to our day? Absolutely! Is it going to lessen in the future? I can’t see it happening. Everyday, we delete multiple emails and are deluged with texts and calls. Even during conversations in person, I feel I have different “tabs” open in my head. I often can recall a conversation but not often the details of the conversation. I find this personally disturbing. I dislike the fact that I am not truly “present” during conversations with friends and family. In a quest to improve, I am currently practicing “mindfulness”. NOT an easy task! The “open tabs” in my mind really can take over and then I have to start focusing again. I understand practicing mindfulness takes practice. It is an interesting journey. Here are two videos that you may find interesting as we try to master the distracting “tabs” that can be counterproductive to our day! Enjoy!


One thought on “Mindfulness the next Superpower?

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